We could then establish a sort of implementation plan and see the practical possibilities for immediate action.

The premises would be easy to find it. We recently discussed this possibility with a director of a school for 14 classes of Montreuil who spontaneously recognized the benefits some of such an organization. We must popularize this idea.

It must be said incurable defects of school- barracks, the deep work opportunities for school, community group reduced staff, with the hope that one day we will understand our reasons to try the proposed new organization. But meanwhile, there he is nothing to do in the city schools to improve living and working in the direction of our technical and ministerial instructions? It would be good for this we have the active and ongoing collaboration of some interested comrades.

For we do not usually bet on what we do not know or provide solutions to problems that have not even been laid. And, personally, I never wanted to go to the city where I felt insurmountable learning difficulties. So should a discovery tells us with precision what are the key obstacles to the realization of our technical schools in the towns.

We could then establish a sort of implementation plan and see the practical possibilities for immediate action. We will ask our departmental delegates to conduct the survey in October when we will try to interest school principals and inspectors. Let us say immediately that conditions in our opinion indispensable to give an educational activity for large school groups, is to mitigate the shape and atmosphere barracks to bring the teacher of children to remove the current mass education.

The recommended solution and tempted by Mr. Levesque, Caen inspector, we seem totally desirable: create, within these large groups, homogeneous groups of schools e two or three classes with teachers who follow their children throughout the school who would know them and could then consider the school organization can improve and make more efficient the life of the group.

Each of these homogeneous groups could have his room or corner of directed activities, exhibition; it could provide independent outputs and make all arrangements compatible with the general organization of the school. We would be happy to see the idea taken up and developed. And even where nothing can be done in this direction, our techniques can they bring any improvement?

We are convinced of the opposite. It will be difficult to adopt suddenly Printing to school, or so we think a printing for the whole group; we can certainly bakery printing, which can function and deliver services, but it will not be there according to our technical work in the same classes.

By cons, modernization, adaptation possibilities of these classes in 1939 could be much further: text limographe prize and the beginning of the practice of exchanges: engraving linoleum, cooperative school file, self-correcting files, practical lectures. With use of these techniques available everywhere, teachers accustomed to a standardized work, uniform and without interest, resume taste in their work; and it is this primer that has for us the utmost importance because we feel able to draw all the consequences.

At work, comrades of Cities. We have certainly not said everything. During the year ends, we have developed number of issues on which serious misunderstandings might occur, and we know that these misunderstandings are often solve my math homework
subsequently the source of opposition campaigns and vilification , which attempts against us, If our attempts of clarification, we nipped in the bud these oppositions, so we better armed comrades to answer criticisms that emerge, we have not lost our time, and we are pleased to see the birth among our members, an understanding that allows the consistent action taken today in the departments.

Propagandists are born, and rise; comrades who had never done lectures for two hours talking to an audience and teachers are surprised themselves of the interest they generate. In this sense is the guarantee that black movement has a solid foundation and it will, without my direct and permanent intervention deepen and amplify everywhere.

We who seek an education that gives children understanding, confidence, activity and momentum, are happy to have aroused among educators these conquests, guarantee the development of a truly popular education adapted to our times and of which, the efficiency will increase with the technical organization to which we continue to bring all of us. Freinet The Educator proletarian No.

19, 1st juiller 1939 in its entirety Blog Catherine Chabrun Print
In BT and CEL research journal for teachers teaching techniques> class organization> part of the master http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/btr/btr-11/btr_11.pdf September 1975 Author: Jacques Caux
3 Results Individual work By Michele Comte 04/09/16 – 9:43 p.m.

In: report Teaching techniques Training> individual work INDIVIDUAL WORK PEDAGOGY FREINET Workshop with Michele, Emilie Philippe Intro Add a comment Read more 6 attachments GD42 Meeting 1 October 2016 – Diary – Worktop by Jean-Luc Verilhac the 21/10/16 – 24:44 in Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire Meeting minutes teaching techniques> What’s new ? teaching techniques> casework Please find attached file CR this meeting and copies of Sandrine Olivier log in Maclas, and the work plan Celine D Marols and J-Luc Verilhac Gaspard Monge St. -Etienne Add comment 5 files attached Encounters of ICEM11: class visit Villardonnel (GS to CM2) + workshops by Nicolas Zannettacci the 05/04/16 – 10:34 p.m. in: GD 11 – Aude report visit class education civic life of the cooperative classroom, school organization citizenship> rural school teaching techniques> teaching techniques heterogeneity management> mathematical situations pedagogical techniques> individualized work 1) Photo tour of class 2) Brainstorming Workshop: students special needs: how to accept them, to accept them, make them accept the best? 3) Brainstorming Workshop: Parents partner for real: why, how?

Sharing experiences. Add Comment 2 attachments
In BT Publishing Printing at the School For students book, pamphlet October 1936 in pdf
Data too large for file size

2 Results Building in special education – No. 11-12 year 1988-1989 (158-159) in: school level> Special Education Building in the Special Education teachers CEL To review teaching techniques> individualized work in July 1989 authors: Adrien Pittion Rossillon Christian Lociciro Didier Mujica, John Paul Boyer, Jean-Pierre Godet, Michel Albert, Michel Fevre, Meric Monique and Roger Beaumont more Building in special education – No.

1 1989-1990 (160-161) in: school level> special education special education Building in CEL For teachers teaching maths review Principles> co> consulting teaching techniques> individualized work in September 1989 Authors: Francois Vetter, Janine Charron, Jean-Paul Boyer Jean-Pierre Maurice and Monique Meric more
2 Results Workshop Work Plan By Nicolas Zannettacci the 11/14/14 – 10:56 p.m.

In: GD 11 – Aude report a Life Course of the cooperative classroom tool citizenship teaching techniques> Teaching techniques autonomy> class organization> teaching techniques work plan> management heterogeneity teaching techniques> personalization of learning teaching techniques> See individualized work attachments … And thank you Sylvain (Connac) for all your documents!

Add Comment 2 PROGRESSIVE AND RATIONAL USE attachments FILES In self-correcting: The Educator CEL For teachers review teaching techniques> tools> Teaching Techniques File> individualized work in October 1953 Author: Pastorello More
In BT Publishing Printing at the School For students book, brochure April 1936 in pdf
3 Results CR individualized and literature Work GD 64 – April 18, 2015 By Celine Puyo on 04/27/15 – 3:37 p.m.

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